My Ateneo Journey- A Journey of great heights

So in my first year in Ateneo I belonged to 1st year Wisdom (way different than the 4th year Wisdom right know or Grade 10 Wisdom). Anyways I was quite timid about entering a new school. Though my other friends from my previous school were still there which made me somewhat more confident.

In my second year in Ateneo I belonged too a great section called 2nd year (Grade 8) Diligence. I’ve discovered great people here and what they’re capable of doing. Though at the sametime you can also be annoyed by all those conflicts and fights. Seriously though xD so much internal conflict it could make you go nuts. Oh and we won our Intrams too which was COOOOOOOOOL :D.

Okay so 3rd year the fun’s just getting started(oh and we’re 9-perseverance now), which is also the year where depression made a critical hit in my life which made my premonitions quite negative. But this is also the year I’ve discovered great persons in life, yeah we’ve had fights butwe’re past that. But anyway what I enjoyed was making the Verse Choir piece(though I think I’ve lost my touch and I have no idea how to make on again), it was great writing all those thoughts and making  the aesthetics of it look absolutely awesome. But in my opinion we really lacked the skill for delivery. But for this year, we might make a difference.

Okay so going to the present, we’re 4th year students now(10 -CHARITY is our section btw). Oh no! College is only a year away. Oh no all our friends will soon be seperated! We have to make the most out of what we have! Let’s do our best in intrams! Let’s do our best in Verse Choir! Our adviser told us we were the model class! We have to look good AND do our best! AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT WE’LL DO. WE MAY NOT BE THE BEST BUT WE’LL BE THE BEST OF WHAT WE CAN BE. So yeah! 4th year! YOU THINK YOU CAN BRING ME DOWN.WELL… THINK AGAIN.



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