What’s wrong with me?

Maybe I’m too stubborn or too blind to see.

The better part of the world I should believe.

I’ve been called an idiot who doesn’t seem to realize.

The point of my life and the purpose of my dreams.

We have choices in our lives  .

The stars do not control our every moments I was told

Though being consumed in instability and brokenness.

Pain and Sadness is too much

I feel worthless


A piece of thrash meant to be thrown away.

My emotions.

Dismembered, Dismantled, Torn piece by piece.

But by being broken, you can be mended.

By being wounded, you can be healed.

By being human, you can return to your sanity.

And turn your weakness into strength.

Because believing in yourself.

Is the first step to be free.


2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with me?

  1. I was going to say not to listen to others because no one has it all figured out, but I guess I didn’t need to because the narrator found the turning point himself and that’s what matters. A truthful, inspiring poem. =)


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