Frejlord’s True Ruler: A Clash of Sovereigns

Frejlord, a frozen desolate place. A wasteland of frost and ice. Being fought for by the tribes of those who wish to rule.

The Avarosan, one of the largest and most powerful tribes, led by Ashe, the frost archer. They seek peace and wish to unify this place under one Frejlord.

And there…

The Winter’s Claw, the most savage,brutal and warlike of the tribes. Led by Sejuani, the Winter’s Wrath. They think peace is another word for weakness.

And deep in the south is the Frost Guard who hide and protect all of Frejlord’s secret. But in truth, the Frostguard protect Lissandra, the Ice witch. While other’s fought… They prepared… And their ambition of turning the world in ice is probably at hand.

There there by the frozen waste
There there by the icy haze
A war will be fought with a fiery blaze
That will make or break our chosen fate

Forward the Avarosan! Forward the Winter’s Claw! The Clash of Queens deciding it all!

Clashing metals and rains of arrows. Yet the blazing winter is not a bother.
For conviction they have is what keeps them warm
Though the battle at hand is the reason for harm.

Made in dedication to the frosty champions of Frejlord of the League of Legends: Ashe , Sejuani , and Lissandra.


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