The Slit Mouthed Woman

On a seemingly eerie yet average night on a busy highway. A boy, age 11 was walking along the side walk. Following him unnoticed and suspiciously menacing is a woman looking somewhere in her early 20’s, wearing a trench coat and a surgical mask. The boy then receives a phone call and the woman seeing this opportunity closes in and clutches his left wrist containing the phone and covering his mouth with the other. Having the advantage she delivers a quick jab to the back of the head making the boy unconscious and thus subduing him. She brings him to an abandoned rooftop roughly 3 kilometres from the highway on the same busy avenue. As the boy wakes up both panic and confused realizes his limbs bound to four stone posts with barbed wire and on his lips, 2 nails sealing and clamping his mouth shut. Crying and moaning from the excruciating pain, the boy struggles even more which significantly increased the pain applied to hi thus worsening his condition. Bright red liquid flows from his legs, arms , chest, and neck all bound by barbed wire. Looking down from where he is suspended, are a collection of worms. Tape, Ring, Earth, and an assortment of beetles as well. After a minute or so the woman emerges from behind his back and stands in front of him staring directly into him. As they both gaze into each other the girl asks if she’s pretty. The boy realizing that she might let him go nods in agreement. Afterwards the woman takes off her mask and once again asks him. “What about now?” The boy still in a panic nods once again even after seeing a deep monstrous slit across her cheek spreading from one side of her face to the other. Noticing his answer the woman tries to make a similar slit on his face as he struggles. She then decides to cut off his limbs as well making him fall, suffer and overwhelm by the disgusting creatures underneath and thus slowly ending his life. And so this happened every random night on a busy highway to some unsuspecting young victim


Kinda made this story based on The Slit Mouthed woman, some japanese urban legend xD


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