About me

I’m a sophisticated individual who dwells on really confusing things. I have my ups and downs. I enjoy writing a lot, it really helps me a lot.

I am quite an unstable person and sometimes I affect lots of people with it, but what I’m happy about is that they show their concern for my well-being. There were times where I was shrouded in problems. But I soon realized I was surrounded by friends.

I’m also the type of person to help others but I can’t seem to help myself. But a friend helped me realize that I should change. That I shouldn’t be a hypocrite and give advice to people and not following those advice. I was told this journey wouldn’t be easy, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try to finish it, I won’t stop. I’ll keep walking.

Remember this everytime you have a problem and try to realize that you are not alone.

Finally you should know that I am currently a 4th year highschool student who is quite unstable in terms of mentality and composure.


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