Finding God

Reading has always been a thing for me. It has been one of my hobbies and it is a time where I can just forget about everything and feel that I’m in a story.

This is where I see God, in books I have read because everytime I start reading. I feel safe. I feel like the whole world around me is of no threat anymore. Reading has been a companion of mine ever since. Whenever I feel lonely or depressed, sometimes I read to forget all those damn problems that ever happened to me.

Reading books helped me feel like someone’s reading a story to me. Someone like God. I always felt appeased while reading even though I may be reading an intense story. It’s like God is telling me to take a break and listen to him.

While reading I always dwell on words that have struck me because sometimes you can just relate to them and say “Hey, this happened to me in my life.”

I’m just glad I discovered books and my love for reading. I’m glad this is where I see God. I am glad that this is my refuge. I thank God for making me realize this.


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